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Can I cancel the ticket placed online?

It is not possible to cancel tickets from the site.

Where can I see the tickets played?

All your tickets played can be seen within the My Account option, in the Ticket Review sub-option on the left.

How do I know how many combinations are on my ticket?

When you select the matches click on the System option within the ticket in the portion beneath the matches and possible systems based on the number of matches shall appear and you can see the planned number of system combinations in the brackets.

Where can I see the selected pairs?

Selected pairs can be seen in the Ticket option.

How do you calculate multiple signs?

Double signs, triple signs, quadruple signs – are a type of system bets where a customer places different bets on the same match (two in double, three in triple...) where double or triple signs can be used in each of the stated system types. 

How do you calculate a system ticket?

Each combination is practically a smaller ticket for as many pairs as the player required for minimum hits in the system

How can I play a system ticket?

Select the matches you want, in the ticket option select system, select the system you wish, enter the amount and click on confirm.

What is FAST BET?

Ticket created online, played in the betting shop, is FAST BET.

What do I do if I receive odds 1.01 on an Empty Bet?

In most cases the operator shall return the ticket stating what should be corrected.

I did not receive the odds when I filled the Empty Bet form?

Check whether your bet already exists in the standard offer or in-play betting.

How do I place a bet within the Empty Bet?

In order to bet on an Empty Bet login to our site. Click on the Empty Bet button.

What are the Specials and where can I find them?

Specials are the offer related to the sports offer and current interesting offer not related to sports.