• Betting on numbers
  • 80 balls are placed in the drum, ranging from 1 to 80. In each draw, 20 balls are drawn from the drum.

Types of bets

You can guess what numbers will be drawn in the following manners:

  • Keno – you receive winnings even if you miss some numbers. The player selects 2-10 numbers that it thinks will be drawn, and the winnings depend on how many numbers were entered and how many numbers were hit (how many drawn)
  • No Draw – you bet that the numbers you selected will not be drawn, you can bet on 1 to 10 numbers
  • All In – the type of betting where you select 1-6 numbers and bet that in the next round all numbers will be drawn. You must hit all the numbers
  • Risko – this is the number drawn at the end of each draw and it can be 0.5, 1, 2 or 5. It shows how many times your winnings are increased or reduced if you decided to use Risko on the ticket.


  • Total sum of numbers drawn – the player bets on whether the total sum of all numbers drawn from one round will be over 810 or not
  • Sum of the first 5 numbers – the player bets whether the sum of first 5 numbers from one round will be over 202 or not. The screens with draw results now include the column of First 5 and totals with these sums in order for players to check their result easily
  • First number UO – the player bets whether the first number drawn will be over 40 or not
  • First number odds/evens – the player bets whether the first number drawn will be odds or evens
  • First number one-digit number - the player bets whether the first number drawn will be over 10 or not
  • Last number UO – the player bets whether the last number drawn will be over 40 or not
  • Last number odds/evens – the player bets whether the last number drawn will be odds or evens
  • Last number one-digit number - the player bets whether the last number drawn will be over 10 or not


  • Random
  • By passing the mouse over the Random button a popup will appear on which a player can select the game it wishes to bet on in this manner (keno, no draw or all in) and how many random numbers it wishes to bet on. Default is set to Keno and 5 numbers but the player can change that at any moment. When the player changes settings it is saved with this player and the next time it initiates new option the player will see its settings.
  • Auto play
  • If the player passes over the Auto play button with a mouse it will see the option that instead of only one draw it can bet on the selected combination of numbers on the same ticket for a number of draws at once. The offered default value is 5 but the player can change it in the range from 2 to 10


  • In KENO you always bet on the next draw and betting is possible until the start of the draw
  • From the start of the draw all bets refer to the next draw. If you are not sure to which draw your ticket refers to, compare the number of the draw from your ticket with the number on the screen
  • KENO can be combined with the other offer with no limitations. You can bet on several pairs from the list and add a number from KENO. In each case you can place a Risko number on the ticket.

How do you play KENO?

Step 1

The image below shows the appearance of KENO. In the upper left corner numbers are presented that are currently drawn, while on the right side numbers from 1-80 are shown where the player can choose the numbers for the next bet.

Meidian Kladionica - Brojevi

Step 2

On the left, below the numbers drawn there are options for betting on new games.

Meidian Kladionica - Brojevi

Step 3

In the bottom of the image, the player can choose from three basic bets: Keno, No Draw and All in. Additionally, there is a Random and Auto Play button, as well as the button for confirmation or cancellation of the game.

Meidian Kladionica - Brojevi

Step 4

On the following image in the ODDS tab, tables are presented for winnings for each system you can use as well as for All In and No Draw. For the systems in column P a number of hits is entered, and in the column Odds, the winning odds, if you have the number of hits stated in column P.

Table of winnings for All In – presents the winning odds if you guess all numbers you bet on, where P is the number of numbers you bet on

Table of winnings for No Draw – odds for the number of numbers that will not be drawn (if any of the numbers you selected in NO DRAW is drawn, the ticket loses).

Meidian Kladionica - Brojevi

Step 5

The STATS tab presents information on last draws for all 20 numbers, as well as for: Sum of first 5, total sum of numbers drawn. Under this table information on last draws can be seen as well as the trends of repeating drawn and non-drawn numbers.

Meidian Kladionica - Brojevi

At following video, you can see detailed explanation of placing bets at Keno: