What is a Turbo Payout?

What is a Turbo Payout?

Turbo Payout is a type of promotion that will enable payout of winnings with three winning pairs regardless of the fact how many matches do you have on the ticket.

In order to qualify for Turbo Payout, you must have at least 3 winning pairs on the ticket.

Turbo Payout is possible only for matches that have not yet started.

If you fulfill all conditions required, and you have sent the request, you will not be able to cancel the request.

Once you accept Turbo Payout your ticket becomes a winning ticket in accordance with the rules.

If the procedure for the Turbo Payout is complete, you will not be able to stop the transaction.

If the ticket contains or includes any of active promotions, it cannot be collected through the Turbo Payout.

Not valid for system tickets.